66% Off + Free Items + More!


It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year (no, not my birthday)! The Steam Summer Sale is here and crikey do we have some cracking bargains to celebrate, alongside some fantastic free items AND a brand new collaborative project on PC and Console! Let’s take a look shall we?


What’s the first thing you think about when we say “Summer”? The beach? Picnics? Long evening walks? WRONG, it’s obviously a BBQ! Here at Two Point Studios we love food, especially delicious BBQ food so get your grilling hats on and take a look at these free items you can put in your hospitals to really give them that wonderful summer vibe:

Summer Sale!

Sure you could be out in the sun… or you could be playing your favourite games at wicked good prices! Who needs a tan when you can grab Two Point Hospital at 66% off on Steam now? Tell your friends, tell your cat and don’t forget to tell your Mum! You can grab Two Point Hospital here!

Superbugs Project: Fruit Loot

WAIT there’s MORE!? Ohhhhh yes! A new season of superbugs is starting on Friday 26 June. Get your friends together and complete the challenges to earn some super top-secret new items. We’re sure you’ll find them… sizzly!

Console Superbugs Project: Gyro Nut

We’re very excited to announce the first ever Superbugs Collaborative Project is coming to console! Last week we released the Sandbox Mode update which included everything we need to get these awesome online projects into the console version. So get yourselves ready, Superbugs Project: Gyro Nut is coming Friday 26 June!

Lots of love!

Two Point