About Us

Our Team

We came together to make accessible games with understated depth, set in an atypical world.

Two Point Studios is a creative and fun development studio, specialising in management sim games rooted in our own brand of silly humour! We’re a young, vibrant studio that has the added advantage of nursing veterans from some of the UK’s greatest creative studios – BullFrog, Muckyfoot and Lionhead, having collectively worked on (among others) Theme Hospital, Black & White; Startopia; Fable; and The Movies.

Gary Carr

Studio Director

Mark Webley

Studio Director

Ben Hymers

Technical Director

Craig Laycock

Brand Director

Alan Wright

Senior Programmer

Ben Huskins

Lead Designer

Chris Knott

Senior Animator

David Oxford

Senior Artist

Harry Puttock


Jayne Webley

HR and Office Manager

Jo Koehler


Karen Carr

Finance Manager

Mark Smart

Art Director

Prem Fatek


Rich Brooks

Senior Programmer

Sam Webley


Tim Swann

Senior Programmer

Lauren Woodroffe

Senior UI Designer

Kris Denman

Lead QA

Mark Steggall

Community Manager

Adam Lofting

Senior Automation Programmer

Andy Barton

Executive Producer

Fab Collard

Senior Programmer

Ian Faichnie

Senior Artist

James Gilby

Senior Programmer

James Docherty

Chief Operating Officer

Jake O'Neill

Junior Designer

Rob Parker

Technical Artist

Ross Innes

Console Programmer

Becca Webley

Production Assistant

Joe Easter-Deed

Junior Technical Designer

Lewis Barlow-Hyde

QA Contractor

Matt Ash

Lead QA Contractor

Jake Green

Contract QA Tester