BLOG: The official lowdown on what’s included in the console version

Harry Puttock

It doesn’t feel like yesterday that Two Point Hospital released on PC, and that’s because it wasn’t.

But it does feel recent, probably more recent than last August, even though that’s when it was (I checked). Which is to say that we’ve been busy since then, too busy to have an accurate sense of the passing of time. Busy making Two Point Hospital, and the version coming to console, a better, bigger, more hospital-ly version of the game that launched last year.

The most significant difference between the PC and console editions are two expansions, Bigfoot from last Winter and Pebberley Island from earlier this Spring; the Console edition has those, and when PC launched we hadn’t even done those yet. We had console in mind with the DLCs, we wanted them to be welcome expansions for a player that had finished the core experience, as well as players that were only just beginning. They’re integrated into our core experience as tangents that, hopefully, broaden the gameplay and your experience in Two Point County, the game and the county really open up for you now.

Two Point County is the setting for our game. The new locations we’ve fleshed out in the DLCs felt to us like places that exist, and have existed, in Two Point County. Actually, we had a radio ad for the Underlook Hotel in the game at launch, and, now, when you go to the Pointy Mountains you’ll work there on the first level of the Bigfoot DLC. It’s a (hopefully) fun little example of what we’ve been trying to do, and what we’ll continue to try and do, to flesh out the world of Two Point County with varied experiences, to make it a fun place to spend some time.

Whether you’re in Pebberley Island with eccentric rich-person Wiggy Silverbottom or helping the Bigfoot Foundation in the Pointy Mountains, you’ll see something a little different from life in the mainland. Both DLCs have a unique roster of illnesses. The locations you’ll visit are different from the heart of the County, and we wanted the challenges you face and the illnesses you treat to reflect that.

The new DLCs add more than new characters and regions. They also add exciting new types of gameplay. A good example of this is the “horde mode” style wave after wave of patients in the final level of the Pebberley Island DLC. People tell us this is the hardest Two Point level (even more challenging than Duckworth!)

There are some other benefits to coming with Bigfoot and Pebberley that are less apparent than the six new hospitals. The game’s soundscape has gotten even more varied since launch: we’ve added 18 DJ shows, 20 adverts and the variety of tannoy flavour is over 1.5 times bigger than it was at launch.

We’ve been listening to our community since launch, and have tried to prioritise the most popular request and brightest ideas over the past year or so. Console benefits from a series of updates we’ve made to the game on PC. Staff customisation; copy rooms and items; German VO; diagnosis and treatment filters; as well as a huge number for new items from the two DLCs and other, free updates.

We’re aiming to bring all of that over to console, so whether you’re a new player or a returning one, we’re hoping you’ll get a great experience.