BLOG: Why we can’t wait for a new audience to play Two Point Hospital

Craig Laycock

It’s happening! Two Point Hospital is coming to console!

As we mentioned in our announcement blog, without a doubt, Two Point Hospital coming to console has been the number one request from our community since the announce of the original PC version way back at the start of 2018.

Making the console version is something we have been aiming for right from the formation of the studio. It was always a case of “when” rather than “if”.

The question of “when” is one we thought long and hard about!

Firstly, we needed a great team of people to work on the console version, to translate the dream for us and make it a great experience – so we hired a brilliant UI/UX designer (see Lauren’s blog here on how we’ve build a superb hospital-building experience on console controllers) and we worked with a fantastic co-development team in Red Kite. At a recent press event, we received great feedback about the controls: that players felt it was super-tactile and fun – easy to pick up and precise to control.

Secondly, we wanted to make the console version the absolute best version we possibly could, with the most value for players – so it needed to include as much stuff as we could possibly manage (see Harry’s blog for details on Bigfoot and Pebberley Island, two expansions that are included in the console version, plus details on some of the updates we’ve crammed into this version, powered by great PC community feedback).

Finally, we wanted to ensure that we could bring Two Point Hospital to the widest variety of consoles, to reflect how people play Two Point Hospital already, and what they tell us about how they’d like to play next.

People tell us how they’d love to play it on the train: step in Nintendo Switch version. They tell us they love to play along on the PC version with their kids, their sisters, their dads. PS4 and Xbox One allow us to bring those experiences into the living room.

Every time we show people Two Point Hospital, we’re very fortunate that they want to play more. So, bringing it to the widest possible audience makes absolute sense for us, and is a really exciting opportunity to bring the humour and fun of the game to more people. Hey, if people like our dad jokes that’s the best form of validation we can hope for.

Our audience for Two Point Hospital is incredibly diverse. We have hardcore management sim strategists, who love min-maxing their hospitals and devising the most extreme patient flows. We have players who will take their time and work their way slowly up to 3 stars on every hospital, designing every nook and cranny to look as beautiful as it can.

We respect every playstyle and want to encourage the same on the move or in the living room. So, the version of Two Point Hospital you’ll play will be very much as you expect. The gameplay you’re familiar with from the PC version (if you’re not familiar, be sure to check out our Steam and press reviews), is all present and correct – as per our original vision for the game.

People will be asking us, what next? Well we’ll see how it goes! Obviously if there’s an appetite for Two Point Hospital on console we’ll look to see what else we can do to bring it to even more people. We’ll be posting more updates in the coming months about the console version, so be sure to stay tuned and keep an eye out on how development is progressing. We can’t wait to share more with you!

As one final shout out to our loyal fans –

What’s more, we’re working on loads of great PC content. We’ll never forget our PC crowd, they are our stars, have been there since announce of Two Point Hospital and power us with feedback and support every single day. So we’re going to continue returning the favour and you’ll hear more about that very soon.