Console Free Feature Focus: Room Templates


Hello lovely console players!

We hope you’re having a super awesome day so far, and hopefully reading this will make it even better. As you’ll probably already know, the Two Point Hospital: JUMBO Edition is coming out on March 5th, with LOTS of amazing stuff included (missed the news? Read about it here), but JUMBO isn’t the only thing coming to console… no no no! We’ve got a free update coming your way as well, and we wanted to highlight one of the main features of it in this article…


Yes, that’s right you lovely little sausage, Room Templates are part of the free update coming to every single console player out there on March 5th! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have JUMBO, you’re getting the update regardless, woohoo! This feature is probably the most requested thing we’ve ever put in the game, and we can see why – they’re incredible! With Room Templates you can spend time perfecting your favourite rooms, save them and use them in ANY of your other hospitals. Not only does this mean it way more worth spending time on your room building skills, but it’s also a huuuge time saver when you start new hospitals. Gone are the days where you’d have to build a GP Office, Reception, Pharmacy and Diagnosis Room every time you go to a new location. Just get yourself a template and place the rooms down straight away.

“So how exactly do we make templates” we pretend to hear you say…


  • Build your perfect room (if you’ve already built it, skip this step!)
  • Select that very same room…
  • Go to the “Templates” tab on the right hand side
  • Select “Save Template”
  • Name it something HILARIOUS like… “Gold Star meme spam”

Placing them in your other hospitals is also… you guessed it, SIMPLE!

  • Go to the “Rooms” menu
  • Select “Templates” from the top of the menu
  • Choose the template you’d like and place it down!

Using this handy little guide, you’ll be able to make beautiful rooms just like this one:

Room Templates have made things so much easier in Two Point Hospital, and we’re really excited for the console community to try them out. Be sure to send us photos of your builds on our social channels too, we absolutely love seeing them and might even do a cheeky little repost!

Next time we’ll be taking a look at R.E.M.I.X 1&2 which is also coming in the free update, so stay tuned and we’ll see you next time!