Console – Hotfix #2 News


Hi everyone,

We hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter break and are still staying safely indoors with lots of delicious chocolate treats!

Before we get into the meat of this post, please note that everything discussed here is subject to change, meaning nothing is set in stone just yet. Usually we’d like to wait until we’re 100% sure before talking about updates, but we feel it’s more important right now to keep you in the loop as to what’s going on so everyone’s on the same page. So as long as we’re all clear in that the information in this post could change, let’s dig in!

As you’ll no doubt know, Sandbox Mode for console was due to be released a couple of weeks ago and we announced that we were pushing the release date back in favour of fixing a few stability issues some players have reported. If you missed that news you can read more about it here. Our team have been working incredibly hard to get these issues fixed, reading through any reports we’ve had, investigating all possible causes, and running numerous rounds of testing on every inch of the game to ensure the issues no longer occur. As a result of this, we’re another step closer to getting this hotfix released to you!

Here’s an update of how we’re getting on:

Xbox & PS4:

Next week we’ll be handing a new build to Microsoft and Sony, and we’ll be releasing the update as soon as it gets the thumbs up from them. Do keep in mind though, even at this stage of the release there is still a small chance something could crop up to temporarily put a spanner in the works, so all of this information is subject to change. If all goes well, we’re hoping to be able to release this to both platforms the week after next.


The small number of stability issues on the Nintendo Switch are actually caused by something different to the other platforms. As a result of our prioritising of the save data corruption, stability fixes for the Switch will be coming at a later date. This is still very much on our list of highest priorities, so we’ll be working to get this fixed as soon as we possibly can in another update.

How does this affect Sandbox Mode?

As these issues are affecting a smaller portion of the playerbase, the big question for a lot of you will be “when is Sandbox Mode coming?” We mentioned before that Sandbox Mode will be pushed back in order for us to make bug fixes our number one priority, which means we haven’t been focusing on it for a number of weeks now. The Sandbox Mode update doesn’t just contain one new mode, it has a number of other bug fixes, QoL updates and of course, the collaborative multiplayer projects too, so there’s still a chunk of work that needs doing in order to get all of these features and fixes released in one go. With that in mind, we aren’t able to offer a solid release date right now, but we do know we’re looking at a longer timescale than a couple of weeks after Hotfix #2 comes out.

We appreciate this isn’t a “great news everyone!” kind of post, but we believe it’s important to keep communication open and ensure you know what’s going on behind the scenes (without going into all that boring technical stuff of course). We’re really lucky to have such an understanding community for Two Point Hospital, and we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone for your patience so far. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date as and when new information is available to us.

Stay safe,
The Two Point Team