Console Patch #3


Hello lovelies!

*Our team have been hard at work since the last update, making the game run a little smoother, ironing out some of those crashes you’ve seen and investigating some of the most reported community issues. We’re now very pleased to say a new patch is on its way to console with loads of optimisations and bug fixes!

This super-duper awesome patch is out right now on Nintendo Switch, Playstation and Xbox, so be sure to download it as soon as you see it.

Take a look below to check out all of the fixes coming in this update.

Release Notes


  • Stability improvements for long playthroughs and when playing many hospitals back to back.
  • Fixes to a number of crashes as experienced by the community.
  • Fix for a crash when unlocking an item with Kudosh when using the Locked filter.
  • Fix for a crash when using many characters in naming a Room Template.
  • Fix for a possible blocker when quickly navigating between the Staff, Jobs and Pay Review panels in the Staff menu.
  • Fix for Stuttering or poor framerate in the Jobs assignment menu.
  • Fix for the Staff / Patients list becoming offset.
  • Fix for Superbug progress and items occasionally being lost.
  • Fix for Patients getting stuck in the hospital.
  • Fix for Patients sometimes appearing without heads or bodies.

Playstation (1.11):

  • Improvements to framerate for PS5 to allow 60fps.
  • Improvements across all game assets and levels to increase texture quality.

Xbox (

  • Fixed a crash when selecting Continue on 1 Star of the Topless Mountain Hospital.
  • Improvements across all game assets and levels to increase texture quality.

Nintendo Switch (1.0.10):

  • Fixed an issue where some users were not able to save even when their console has adequate storage space.

These fixes should help to make your playing experience silky smooth! Of course, if you come across any other issues in your adventures around Two Point County, be sure to let us know via our support team!

*Please note, this post was updated on 26 May 2021 to confirm the Nintendo Switch patch is now live.