Culture Shock and Fancy Dress Pack Out Now on Steam!


Hi everyone!

Are you ready to bring back the arts to Two Point County? Famous artist, Zara Fitzpocket, needs your help in our brand new DLC, Two Point Hospital: Culture Shock – OUT NOW! That’s not all though, we’ve also released the first ever Fancy Dress Pack too with a free outfit to try out, read all about it below!

Culture Shock

Travelling across three exquisite new locations to reignite the arts, your first stop is Plywood Studios where washed-up actor, Roderick Cushion is filming a new TV medical drama. Of course, it wouldn’t be a drama without… well, some drama. So the producers of the show have decided to run a real life hospital for the show, and who better to run it than a healthcare wiz like yourself? You’ll need to keep a close eye on Roderick though, after all, we can’t have him doing open heart surgery right!? Unless…

Next up you’ll head to Two Point County’s famous Mudbury Festival. It’s been going downhill in past years though due to rumours of people falling into the toilets and dodgy food vans. So now it’s your job to look after festival goers and save them from a faeces filled fate!

Lastly, you’ll be going to Fitzpocket Academy where Zara’s hosting a lovely “little” soiree for all of her celebrity friends, and you’re invited too. You’ll be there to look after the guests and boost that VIBE, darling! Such a prestigious event attracts a lot of attention, so be on the look out for paparazzi too – they’ll do anything to get in, even disguising themselves as patients!

Culture Shock is packed with new content including the most illnesses in any DLC so far! So grab your easel and save the county from an artless future!

Two Point Hospital: Culture Shock is available now for £6.99/$8.99/€8.99 (prices may vary depending on your region) but we’ve extended the pre-purchase discount of 10% until 27 October!

Fancy Dress Pack

Uniforms are soooo 2018, who wants to see a doctor in a white coat, or an assistant in a shirt and tie? Let’s face it, they’re uncomfortable and we’d all be better off without them. Wouldn’t you feel much more comfortable as a patient to see your doctor in say… a penguin outfit? How about a zombie costume? Yes!? Well thankfully the staff in Two Point Hospital are leading the way with our new Fancy Dress Pack so you can dress up your staff in loads of different outfits!

The Fancy Dress Pack is available now for £3.99/$4.99 (prices may vary depending on region), and you can download a free costume too!

Release Notes

Culture Shock

  • Three new hospital levels
    • Plywood Studios
    • Mudbury Festival
    • Fitzpocket Academy
  • 23 new items
  • 36 new illnesses
  • 3 new treatment rooms
  • 3 new music tracks

Fancy Dress Costume Pack

  • 16 costumes
  • 6 items

Zombie Sample Pack

  • Added a free Zombie costume

Other Fixes

  • Fix for missing characters in Traditional Chinese
  • Miscellaneous small bug fixes

Both Culture Shock and the Fancy Dress Pack are available to download now!