Free Items and Big Discounts


Hang up those surgical gloves for just a minute and grab your garden sheers, we’ve added some super awesome plants to Two Point Hospital in celebration of the Steam Summer Sale! That’s right, folks, even more decorations to keep your hospitals look FRESH. The best part? They’re FREE and in game RIGHT NOW, alongside loads of lovely discounts like Two Point Hospital at a huge 75% off!

Release Notes:

Added AWESOME plants to the game:

Cheesy Gubbins Plant (yes, they grow on trees, it’s official lore now)

Spider plant (looks like a spider, but is definitely a plant. Probably).

Purple plant (recognise this one from anywhere? Looking at you, Two Point Campus!)

Ivy (yes, you could technically use this to trap patients… but don’t… or do… it’s your call)

Bug Fixes:

  • We’ve added a fix for the stuttering issue some players have been reporting. If you were experiencing this, please let us know if you notice any improvements!

These delectable plants are in game right now for free, so be sure to download the update and check out some of the sweet discounts available for Two Point Hospital too. Oh and HAPPY SUMMER!