Introducing How We Operate #1: Ben Huskins

Jo Koehler

We are positively speeding towards the launch of Two Point Hospital (before you ask, there’s still no launch date to announce bar ‘Autumn 2018’ 😉 ) and whilst we still have a few things up our sleeves to share with you, we thought now would be a good time to kick off How We Operate – a blog to help you get to know the team a little better.

By now you all know Gary Carr and Mark Webley, you know about their shared history and the games they’ve made, and you’ve also heard them talk about how Two Point Hospital’s humour is a collaborative project taken on by the whole team – our open plan studio often being the comedy stage for team members to try out their new ‘material’ … or ‘names for things in the game’, if you’d prefer.

So let’s start putting names, dad jokes and dubious puns to faces so you all get to know us a little better….

How We Operate #1: Ben Huskins

How long have you been in the games industry?
15 years. Coincidentally also the same time since I got my first grey hair.

First game you worked on?
Professionally: Fable (the first one). Unprofessionally, very unprofessionally, a game I made as a teenager: MatterBlaster. Someone posted a video of it on YouTube. Check it out. It’s a truly baffling audiovisual attack on the senses.

Fave game to play at home?
Hide ‘n’ seek with the cat.

Fave little person game?
Dungeon Keeper, if they count as little people.

When you’re not slogging away at Two Point Studio, where can you be found?
Roaming the streets of Guildford looking bewildered.

What’s your party trick?
Apparently I tell the best boring stories. Sadly I don’t get invited to many parties.

Now, the quick fire round! Answer these as quick as you can!

If you could buy ANY kind of food RIGHT NOW what would it be?
Toilet roll. I just really need some, okay?

Favourite movie quote?
“Come and play with us… forever, and ever, and ever.”

What’s your fave 90s tv show?
Twin Peaks. I like that there are two peaks, and that they’re pointy.

In your opinion, where’s the worst place you could get stuck?
In the cat flap.

If you worked in a hospital, what would you do?
Probably kill lots of people. I have no medical training. What kind of madman hired me?

Day or Night?
Champion of the sun!

Last film you watched?
Pandemic. I was disappointed, not a single person had a pan stuck on their head.

Cats or Dogs?
Do you really need to ask? Yes, that is cat hair in my drink.

Coffee or Tea?
I want to say tea, but my body says coffee. Sweet, life-giving coffee.

Who’s your fave member of Two Point and why?
Tim Swann, because he implements our crazy design ideas before we’ve even finished uttering them. I think he might be a real life wizard.

What’s the most delightful word you can think of?

You’re going out to buy cheese, what cheese do you get?
Red Leicester. Without it my life would be a tragic vortex of despair.

What’s the last thing you liked on social media?
What’s a ‘social media’?

You have to do a dance, what song will it be to?
Canned Heat by Jamiroquai. Girls like guys with great skills, apparently.

You’re running for PM, what will be your campaign slogan?
Eat fish fingers.

We’re taking James Watt off the fifty pound notes, who will you replace him with? Why?
Ada Lovelace. Without her, us games developers would probably all be banging rocks together and eating pocket lint.