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At Two Point Studios, we pride ourselves on having a friendly and inclusive culture that believes in putting family before crunch.  We’re a young, vibrant studio that has the added advantage of nursing veterans from some of the UK’s greatest creative studios – BullFrogMuckyfoot and Lionhead. We also offer a highly competitive package with benefits – such as private health and dental care, a pension scheme, access to Udemy courses and home technology – that cover immediate family members too.

The studio runs a trust policy on working hours. Officially a 37.5-hour week, the studio endorses a flexible working policy that enables the team to benefit from a more manageable and enjoyable work/life balance. We are based in Farnham, UK, and would like for you to be able to work on-site – check out the Our Home page for more about the area, and why we all love it so much – though we’re very flexible with working from home, which is what we’ve all been doing since March now! 

Current Vacancies

Senior Gameplay Programmer

We are looking for an experienced, competent Unity gameplay programmer to join the team, to help design and implement features on our upcoming little people games! Ideally you’ll be able to turn your hand to lots of different areas – game logic, AI, interface… a bit of everything. The kinds of games we make call for someone creative but with a good understanding of how complex systems can create emergent behaviour. We’re thinking over 5 years’ experience, but we would accept fewer for very talented individuals. You do need enough knowledge of Unity and C#, to be quite self-sufficient though.

For more details, and to apply, please visit our JobVite page here:

Automation Programmer

We are looking for an experienced, competent programmer to join the team, to take ownership of build/test/tools automation on Two Point Hospital, and our other upcoming sim management games. The role will involve expanding, improving and maintaining the build process, automated stability and performance tests, and metric tracking. Ideally you’ll have an unhealthy desire to automate everything, a love of graphs, and a breadth of knowledge of tools and technologies. Experience with games development would be very beneficial but not necessary. We’re thinking at least 3 years’ professional experience, but this is flexible depending on talent. You do need enough knowledge to be quite self-sufficient to begin with.

For more details, and to apply, please visit our JobVite page here:

Senior QA (Contract)

Your main responsibility as Senior QA will be to carry out thorough and accurate testing on our games to ensure their high quality and make sure all our ‘Little People’ and the worlds they inhabit are behaving like they should!

For more details, and to apply, please visit our JobVite page here:

Speculative application

We always like to hear from talented individuals looking to join our team. If you think that you’d be a good fit, then get in contact!

Send an email with your CV and a covering letter to