JUMBO Patch #1 Out Now


Hi everyone,

We hope you all had a super lovely weekend, and are enjoying all of the new content JUMBO has to offer!

*We’ve been closely monitoring bug reports since JUMBO launched, and are pleased to announce another new patch is out now PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch! Check out the release notes below:

Release Notes:

PS4, Xbox, Switch:

  • Improved stability to reduce crashes when playing the game for a long time or when switching between many hospital levels on one session
  • Adjusted the balance of Chasm 24 in relation to the stabilisers triggering
  • Fixed a bug where restarting a hospital that has а Remix option from the metamap resets the Remix progress
  • Fixed a bug with lighting in Wanderoff and Overgrowth
  • Fixed a bug with texture quality on the Map
  • Fixed a bug with Ghosts missing their eyes (they were too spooky)
  • Fixed a bug with doorframes missing on some outdoor Hospitals
  • Fixed a bug where restarting Sandbox hospital can make them disappear from the list of hospitals
  • Fixed a bug where newly hired staff can have choppy animations
  • Fixed a bug with the Spare Clothes item in Toad Hall
  • Fixed a bug with Superbug collaboration after receiving an invite
  • Fixed a bug where the K9-Away Treatment machine could become out of sync with the patient
  • Fixed a bug with the Thrill Ride item and having an offset animation
  • Fixed a bug with the Staff List and Patient list becoming offset when selecting characters
  • Fixed a bug where janitors would leave a room after extinguishing a fire instead of repairing the machine first

Xbox specific bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug on Xbox where save functions stopped working after signing out and signing back into an account

This patch is out now on Playstation Xbox and Switch so please ensure you’ve downloaded the latest update to enjoy all of these new fixes!

There are some other bugs we’re aware of thanks to your reports, and we’re working to get these resolved in future patches as quickly as possible, as our top priority:

Known issues:

  • Two PS4 Trophies aren’t triggering on achieving their requirements
  • Crash when selecting continue on 1 Star of Topless Mountain
  • Some low reproduction rate crashes
  • Nintendo Switch issue with not being able to save when there is plenty of storage space
  • Overlapping staff & patients UI
  • Report of invisible bodies on characters
  • Report of slow down in job assignment menu
  • Report of problems with picking up staff
  • Report of problems selecting or purchasing plots on new levels
  • Report of superbug progress / items being lost.

If you’re experiencing an issue please be sure to report it to us via our online support team!

*Please note, this post has been edited since publishing to reflect that the patch has now been released on PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.