Console: New Sandbox Mode Release Date


Hello lovely console players!

Thanks so much for your patience over the past few weeks, we know it’s been a little frustrating waiting for Sandbox Mode to be released but the support you’ve given us has been absolutely wonderful to see. Putting our soppiness aside for a moment, we’re very pleased to be able to announce a new release date for the much anticipated Sandbox Mode update for console!

Schedule it into your diaries folks because on Thursday 18th June you’ll be able to jump into a world of limitless creativity. Choose your location, make yourself an instant millionaire, decide how easy or difficult you want your experience to be, and start building the most awesome hospitals the world has ever seen!

Of course that’s not all, we haven’t just been working on Sandbox Mode for you. Within this new update is a plethora of bug fixes and quality of life improvements, along with a new system in place to allow the first ever Online Collaborative Projects to go ahead a little later after launch! We’ll have more information including release notes on the day the update goes live, so hang tight, have an awesome day and we’ll see you on Thursday!

The Sandbox Mode Update is coming to PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch for free on Thursday 18th June 2020.

Stay safe!