Room Templates Coming 30th July!


Hello you lovely scrubs!

Yesterday on our social channels we had fun with a little tease about “something we’ve been working on”, if you weren’t there it’s ok… but it was probably the biggest thing you missed out on for at least the next two years, I have it on good authority multiple people wee’d a little. So you should probably be following us on Twitter and Facebook to join in with the micro tinkles!

Enough about urine though! It’s been a long 24 hours, but today is the day we’re announcing something you’ve been asking for, for quite some time! It’s a feature we believe is a massive quality of life improvement, it’ll make building your hospitals faster, and hopefully inspire you to put a little more sparkle into your room creations… So without further ado… (imagine some fireworks going off in the background as you read the next bit ok?)


Yes! That’s right, you’ll be able to build it, save a template and copy your rooms across to ALL of your hospitals. This update will be coming to the Steam version of the game first, then Microsoft Store a little after, and Consoles further in the future in a big content drop.

So… What are Room Templates?

Some of you may be thinking “but we can already copy our rooms”, but that’s just copying the rooms you’ve built and placing them into the same hospital. Room Templates allow you to create a room, save it as a template and then use it in any and all of your other hospitals. Maybe you spent 300 hours creating the most perfect Staff Room anyone in the world has ever seen, and you’d like your efforts to be appreciated by staff across your entire organisation. Instead of having to remake it all, you can simply save it as a template, place it down in your other hospitals and watch your staff become the happiest they’ve ever been.


As we mentioned earlier in the post, this update is coming to Steam first, Microsoft Store a little after and console further in the future. We’re working on some awesome stuff for console right now and Room Templates will be coming in a big content drop (date to be confirmed, but we’re looking later down the line as there’s a lot of work to do on it), we’ll have a new post up next month to show everyone exactly what’s coming up, how much time it’s going to take, and some information on how updating a console version of an originally PC game actually works.

We’re really excited for you to have a go with this new feature, we can’t wait to see the amazing rooms you’ll build and we know your experience in game will only benefit from it!

Stay tuned for a more in-depth discussion on how exactly Room Templates will work tomorrow!