Sandbox Mode for Console OUT NOW!


Hello loveliest console community,

Today is the day you get to unleash your creativity into Two Point County, and we can’t wait to see all of the incredible hospitals you’re going to build! We’re pleased to announce that our free Sandbox Mode update is live right now. So choose your location, give yourself a few million bucks and BUILD, BUILD UNTIL YOUR HEART’S CONTENT!

We know it’s been a long ol’ wait for this update, and we’re very grateful to have such a patient and understanding community behind us. We would have loved to be able to get this update out to you sooner, but it just wouldn’t have been right to put more content into the game when some players were experiencing issues. We want to do right by all TPH players, your experience in the game is, and always will be our number one priority. Now that this highly anticipated update is out into the world though, let’s take a look at what’s in it!

Sandbox Mode

Put your creativity hats on, it’s time to build your perfect hospital! If you haven’t got a creativity hat, you can get one at any decent vending machine. Jump into a limitless environment, and play the game how you want to play it. Make things more challenging or totally chill with a range of options to adjust your income, patient flow and more. Unlock all the items you could possibly need, and give your patients an awe-inspiring experience as they get treated for their many ailments; sure, they may not get cured at your hospital… but at least they’ll see some cool stuff and that’s all that really matters… right?

With Sandbox Mode, your creativity can really shine, and we absolutely cannot wait to see the amazing hospitals you build. Be sure to share them with us on any of our social channels too, we’d love to show them off to the rest of the community and maybe inspire some more ideas!

Online Collaborative Projects

Alongside Sandbox Mode, we’ve put the systems in place to be able to start the first ever Online Collaborative Project for console!¬†Play with your friends and complete challenges to unlock super cool new items! The first project will take place in the near future, we’d like to give you some time to play around with Sandbox Mode so when the first project comes online, you can put your heart and soul into it. Keep an eye on our social channels for news and announcements!

QoL & Bug Fixes

As with any update it’s always important to do a little spring cleaning. Our team have been investigating the issues that some players have been experiencing recently and have added a whole slew of new fixes and quality of life updates. We’ll list all of these below in the release notes so be sure to check them out, and if you experience any issues after the update goes live, please get in touch with our lovely support team, who’ll be happy to take a look.

What’s Next!?

We know there will be some of you out there wanting to know what’s coming next for the console version. We can’t go into much detail at the moment, but we can certainly say we aren’t finished with console and we don’t have any plans to be finished with it any time soon.

Release Notes:

PS4 (01.04), Xbox One (, Nintendo Switch (1.0.3)

  • Online Features:
    • Added Online Challenges¬†
    • Added Competitive Leaderboards
    • Added Superbug Initiative Collaborative Projects
  • Sandbox Mode
    • Select “Sandbox” from the Main Menu and choose a location
    • Adjust a number of settings to your liking and jump in!
  • Bug Fixes/QoL & Optimisations:
    • Lots of stability improvements to address crashes on Nintendo Switch due to memory capacity exceptions
    • Fixed crash on Underlook hotel when zoomed out on Nintendo Switch
    • Fixes for various stability issues and crashes on PS4 and Xbox
    • Fixed minor asset alignment issues during tutorials
    • Fixed UI framing issue
    • Fixes for various minor graphical UI issues

Windows Store (ver 1.20)

  • Online Features:
    • Added Online Challenges¬†
    • Added Competitive Leaderboards
    • Added Superbug Initiative Collaborative Projects
  • New Modes:
    • Added R.E.M.I. X Region 2
  • Bug Fixes & Optimisations:
    • Fixed Greener Grass Achievement unlock
    • Fixed environment texture issue on Goldpan
    • Fixed minor overhang on level info UI
    • Fixed minor spacing issue on level info UI in certain languages
    • Fixed minor spacing issue on R.E.M.I. X completion letters in certain languages
    • Fixed specific instances of missing translations
    • Fixed Save Thumbnail issue
    • Fixed Gamerpic display issue
    • Fixed missing fish shadows
    • Sandbox saves limited to 10 slots to maintain functionality
    • Various bug fixes and improvements

The free Sandbox Mode update is OUT NOW on console! If the update hasn’t appeared for you yet, please try restarting your console. Once again we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone for your support, it’s great to have such an awesome community around Two Point Hospital.

Lots of love,

Two Point Studios