Sonic Has Arrived in Two Point Hospital for FREE!


Hello, hello!

We are proud to finally unveil the crossover event of the BILLENIUM, as the immovable object of Two Point Hospital and the unstoppable force of Sonic the Hedgehog collide in an explosion of costumes, items and joy! What’s more, Two Point Hospital is FREE to play and/or discounted for a limited time on PC and a range of console platforms to tie into the celebrations (check the times below for more info).

With a choice of four costumes in which to clothe your staff (Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Tails), you can rest assured that your personnel will be looking tip-top as they shape up to deliver the very best healthcare in Two Point County. And with items ranging from a stunning Sonic statue, decorative rugs and even a giant Gold Ring, you can be sure to find something suitably themed to pep up your hospitals in true Sonic style.

Free Weekend Details:

The Two Point Hospital Free Weekend / Trial has begun on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Steam! Take a look below to see details for your particular platform…

Play Two Point Hospital for free on Steam from today (Friday 30th June) to Monday 2nd August. If you love the game, be sure to grab it while it’s discounted too!

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch Online members can try out Two Point Hospital for free with Nintendo’s Game Trial until Tuesday 3rd August. It’s on sale too, so be sure to grab it at a great price if you’re enjoying building your hospital empire.

Play Two Point Hospital for free with Games with Gold until Monday 2nd August. You guessed it, it’s on sale too so you can get it at a sweet price if you’re having fun!

Release Notes:


  • Added Free Sonic 30th Anniversary Item Pack (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Outfits and seven items) for all players.
  • Adding Korean language to Steam version.
  • Fix for being unable to purchase Plot 7 on Old Newpoint Level.


  • Added Free Sonic 30th Anniversary Item Pack (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Outfits and seven items) for all players.
  • Fix for a crash on the Topless Mountain level when starting training in certain situations.
  • Fix for Assistants sometimes not being able to find the Reception Desk item after moving it.
  • Fix for Staff having broken textures on outfits when having worn Surgery clothes
  • Fix for Café being able to function without a Food Bin and Café Table
  • Fix for texture quality on Dimension Door item
  • Fix for external hospital windows in Room Templates
  • Fix for UI on Pod Item in Wards

Known Issues (Console):

Occasionally, when placing an item, other items nearby will say that they are placed in an invalid location.  You can fix this by picking up the item and placing it down again, even in the same location.  We are sorry for the inconvenience and are working on a fix for this!

So that’s FREE weekend, FREE Sonic items and AWESOME discounts! If you’re new to the game, welcome welcome welcome!!! We hope you have loads of fun in the world of Two Point County, and we can’t wait to see everyone’s Sonic themed hospitals!