Spooooooky Mode is Back!


Ghostly greetings, lovely people!

It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year in Two Point County again, people across the many regions are getting their pumpkins ready because… Spooooooky Mode is BACK! It wouldn’t be Halloween without it now would it? So for the next week you can expect some creepy goings on in your hospitals, from spoopy music to freaky paintings on the walls and everything in between! Get ready for Spooooooky Mode 3!

Is this your first time celebrating Halloween with us? Or maybe you need a little refresher on what’s happening? Check out all the changes below!

  • A range of spooky songs, guaranteed to frighten the life out of you (not really, but they’re good songs)
  • Light Headedness? Try FRIGHT Headedness
  • New main menu skin
  • Night time lighting in the following levels:
    • Tumble
    • Meltdowns
    • Roquefort Castle
  • A ghastly, awesome swelling of refreshed in-game items:
    • As if the carnivorous plant wasn’t scary enough… it’s now officially a botany nightmare
    • Pretty every dog painting has some odd gloop coming out of it
    • Don’t look under the ward beds…
    • The Flamingo and Gnome have taken on a new form
    • An assistants warm welcome won’t be enough to cover up the webs a pumpkins on their desk
    • Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble at the front entrances
    • …and more! (we don’t want to spoil everything right?)

We can’t wait for you to get stuck in and experience it for yourselves, so throw on your costumes, grab your pumpkins and jump in to Spooooooky Mode 3, available now on Steam!