Studio Out of Office!


Hi everyone!

If you’re reading this you’ve probably seen our most recent social post about us being away from the studio for a week, and you may be thinking “hold on… don’t you have stuff to do?”. You’re right, dear reader – and that’s why we need some time off! Let us explain:

Our team are working on lots of awesome things right now and we’re only going to get busier as the year goes on. We’ve been working from home for around five months now and the Two Point team have done an amazing job at adapting to the situation, making sure we’re able to put out our best work despite the circumstances. However, the majority of our team haven’t taken much holiday yet, we’re at home all the time and it’s not like you can do much at the moment anyway right? But holidays are still incredibly important for people’s well-being, just taking a break to shut off from work and enjoy your free time makes a massive difference. Not only is it great for our team but it’s also good for our projects in the long run too in terms of scheduling our milestones!

So the majority of the studio will be out of the “office” from Friday 21st of August to Tuesday 1st of September. Of course we’ll still have some scheduled social posts going out, and you’ll even be able to catch a Sega livestream featuring Two Point Hospital, just be aware we won’t be around to respond to anything for the duration of the week.

If you need to report any issues you’re experiencing in the game, we’d recommend dropping the support team a message here:

For now though, have an awesome week and we’ll see you when we get back (hopefully with a nice tan from chilling in our gardens with a cool glass of Burp!