Two Point Hospital: A Stitch in Time – New DLC OUT NOW on Steam



Hey, how you doin’? What if I told you that you could travel through space and time for a highly competitive price? Now you’re saying “what’s the catch?”, am I right, or am I right? Well, that’s the best part, my friend: no catch, no consequences, no questions asked.

Join Captain Yesterday, inventor, entrepreneur, and all-around family man in our latest DLC, Two Point Hospital: A Stitch in Time, OUT NOW on Steam with a 10% early adopters discount!

You see, the genius that is, Captain Yesterday has been having a few… “complications” with his latest invention, “The Yesterizer”. We’re talking sick people flying out of holes in the ground… of course this is pretty bad for business, so if you help him by taking care of them, he can keep selling his machines, and bingo-bango… we’re back in business. He’ll even throw in the opportunity to buy your very own Yesterizer if all goes well, with a 5% discount no less… what a guy!

Two Point Hospital: A Stitch in Time allows you to break through the greatest medical frontier of all: space-time! You’ll be leveraging portals to burst into pre-historic, medieval and futuristic time eras, while curing all sorts of anachronistic ailments and sending patients back to their appropriate time periods.

What’s included in this awesome, new, time-twisting DLC? Take a look below!

New Levels


Jump back to medieval times in the quaint little town of Clockwise. Rifts in time, or “Time Portals” as we’re calling them have been popping up all over the place and people have been bursting out of them like a mentos in a cola bottle! As you expand your hospital you may find more of these “Time Portals”, and if you do… things are gunna get busier and busier!


Ahhh the dawn of civilisation in Two Point County, who’d have thought we’d be so lucky to see it! But this is no time to sit back and take in the view. Captain Yesterday has been getting complaints about missing customers. They enter their Yesterizer and… gone, no trace. So you’ve come back to the earliest time that the Yesterizer can muster to see if there’s anything to be done about it.

Thankfully you’ve been given some blueprints to create your own Time Portals! Once you’ve developed them, you’ll be able to manage patient flow, save patients from the time void and of course, better understand the universe.


The future is bright, or at least it would be if the earth was still inhabitable… fortunately the people of tomorrow built a safe-haven for themselves dangling precariously over the uninhabitable earth below, plus there’s a snazzy new hospital there, woohoo! So it turns out time travel is actually a pretty sensitive business… and you maaayyy have been inadvertently ripping apart the fabric of space-time while on your previous adventures, with people from the past flooding into the future! Captain Yesterday has a plan though, and while these plans don’t have a history of astounding success, he’s at least 47% sure this’ll work. He’s handing over the keys to the Yesterizer so you can send the people from the past back to their own time period in one piece!

New Illnesses

13 time-twisting, anachronistic (don’t worry, I had to look it up too) visual ailments await you! Ever wondered what Lightheadedness looked like in pre-historic times? Or what Jest Infection was back in the county’s medieval stages? Now you can find out!

New Items

Loads of new items from across the ages are included too! Check out the Wormhole bin, where no one really knows where your empty packets of Cheesy Gubbins go. Or cook up a storm with some delicious Primordial Soup, only suitable for consumption if you’re REALLY HUNGRY and have nothing else… There’s a Map of Time, a Bone Bench and so much more to make your hospitals look super awesome!

Release Notes:

  • Two Point Hospital: A Stitch in Time
    • Added three new levels in exciting time periods!
      • Clockwise
      • Clockwise-before-Thyme
      • Clockwise-above-Thyme
    • Added 13 new visual illnesses (34 illnesses in total)
      • Jester Infection
      • Wooly Man-Mouth
      • Fossil Eyes
      • Dino Sores
      • Reptile Disfunction
      • … and more!
    • Added new items
      • Wormhole Bin
      • Bone Bench
      • Non-linear Wall Clock
      • Primordial Soup
      • … and more!
    • Added new music and DJ tannoy lines
    • Added new Yesterization and Portal gameplay
    • Various minor bug fixes and improvements

Two Point Hospital: A Stitch in Time is OUT NOW on Steam with a 10% Early Adopters discount!