Two Point Hospital: Off The Grid – Release Date


Uh oh… we found a blocker!

Hello everyone!

Being the straight talking people we are here at Two Point Studios, we’re going to tell you exactly what’s going on. In short, we’ve had to make the difficult decision to push the release of Two Point Hospital: Off The Grid back one more week to the 25th of March 2020.

So what happened!?

Good question! Well, we updated the build, sent it to some of our super awesome beta testers, gave some wonderful content creators early access, and even bought a delicious fudge cake (nothing to do with the release, it was someones birthday…somewhere), everything was going great! That is, until one fateful evening when our fantastic QA testers found a crash in the build.

Figuring crashes out isn’t as hard as it sounds… it’s much harder. There are so many variables to look through, so many experiments to perform and in a lot of cases, so many weird inconsistencies. Naturally we’ve had the whole studio trying to reliably reproduce this issue. It’s been a slippery little blighter, but our awesome team believe they’ve found the cause and are now working on a fix for it, we just need some more time to make sure this issue won’t affect anyone.

We’re really excited for everyone to try out this new DLC, it’s something we’re incredibly proud of and we want you to enjoy it to its fullest! But we’re simply not happy to release it when there could still be a major issue there, it’s not fair on you and it doesn’t represent the amazing work the team have put into it.

So the new date we’ve set is Wednesday 25th of March 2020. Lastly, for anyone concerned about the 10% early adopters bonus, we will be extending it to a week after the new launch date!

Thanks for your patience, we know it’s frustrating, but it’s for the best.