Two Point Hospital: Speedy Recovery Coming March 15th


Hey everyone!

We’re extremely excited to announce a brand new DLC is on it’s way to Two Point Hospital on PC. We’ve been reading all of your feedback on our past updates and DLCs, and wanted to take the game in a direction we’ve not ventured into before, to provide you lovely lot a SUPER AWESOME new experience.

So without further ado, let us introduce the latest addition in Two Point Hospital…

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That’s right scrubs, for the first time ever you’ll be managing a fleet of weird and wonderful ambulances, alongside your hospitals of course!

Meet Gretchen Gearbox, world-class mechanic and inventor, friend to the sickly and the stung by bees. Use Gretchen’s designs to build and manage a fleet of innovative and unorthodox ambulances, designed for every and any emergency situation. Head off-road with the Big Healer or cram in a laughable load with the Pantomobile. Fly in timeless style with the Relicopter or squat through the skies in glorious privacy with the Airloovator.

You’ll need to race to scoop up the profits, I mean patients, as rival hospitals hit the streets with their own new ambulance alternatives. Start your engines, polish your stethoscope and may the fastest hospital win!


  • 3 new locations
  • 3 new, fully animated cure machines
  • 6 new visual illnesses
  • 19 new illnesses in total
  • New ambulance dispatch gameplay
  • New music, DJ and tannoy lines

New Hospitals

Strap yourself in for a grand tour of Two Point County’s diverse landscape from the cold and wintery north to the tropical south, and take in the sights of a modern city along the way.

Ailing – cut your teeth on urban emergency response with your shiny new road ambulances!

Betts Shore – return to Pebberley Island in the throes of a hurricane while developing innovative new air ambulances!

Pointy Pass – scale the perilous Pointy Mountains to save stranded skiers, rescue rueful ramblers, and collect clumsy climbers! Alliteration!

New Illnesses

Discover a host of new illnesses and treatments as you get your patients back on the road to recovery:

  • Under The Weather
  • Hive Mind
  • Snow Problem


Cyclonic Irritation, Hazardous Waist, Wet Behind The Ears, and many more…!

New Items

Speedy Recovery includes a host of flashy new items to get all revved up about, including:

  • Honey Pot
  • Cuddly Penguin
  • Rainbow Arches
  • Fuzzy Rug
  • Mini Snowman
  • Duck Bin
  • Ambulance Race Track

…and many more!

Two Point Hospital: Speedy Recovery is coming to Steam and Windows Store on 15th March 2022 for £6.99/$8.99/€8.99. You can pre-purchase right now for a 10% early adopters discount!