Update 2.0 – Challenge Mode and Halloween


Happy Hauntings!

Strange things are afoot in Two Point County… make sure to check under dormitory beds, as students start acting like complete pumpkin heads; because the spooky season is here! Over the next week, you can expect a whole cornucopia of eerie goings-on, whether it’s music designed to send a shiver down your spine, or a whole heap of pumpkins, we’ve got the update for you to really bring a gourd-geous look to your campus!

Now, what’s Halloween without both tricks and treats? Alongside a whole cauldron of refreshed in-game items, we need your help with some troublesome tricks as you delve into our new Challenge Mode. So, let’s get startled!

Challenge Mode

Delve into our new devilish challenges to cement your high score on the leaderboard. There are two challenges to get your fangs stuck into:

  • The Siege of Noblestead – a groaning mob is amassing on campus (and no, it’s not the morning after a party!). Lord Blaggard is in no mood for an undead horde, can you keep them at bay?
  • Pumpkin High – orange you glad you enrolled? Nefaria Munch has transfigured your students into her Pumpkin Headed minions, and they really need help carving out study time…

Student Customisation & New Items

We have three spooktakular new outfits available for staff and students, where wolf we be without the odd distraction in the academic calendar?

Make sure your classrooms aren’t feeling left out from the fancy dress party, deck them out with our new eerie items, designed to set the perfect haunting mood. The whole County is getting into the spirit, so keep an eye out for all the in-game changes with this Halloween refresh (or rather de-fresh, where did all these cobwebs come from?!).

New Things 

  • New challenge game mode & customisation feature
  • Spooky songs so sinister you’ll shake and shudder in surprise!
  • Frightfully refreshed items for a breath of fresh scare:
    • Batty windows
    • Don’t look under dorm beds…
    • All organic ominous orange pumpkin planters
    • Even the most diligent janitor can’t hold up against the onslaught of cobwebs…
  • Free creepy creative items: pumpkins, a spooky tree, terrifying table, wallpaper, bunting and even more pumpkins!
  • Ghastly theming changes:
    • Mysterious metamap
    • Gastronomy has been spirited away…
    • There are 199 steps to climb the Knights tower, be careful you don’t get tangled!
    • Who’re these apparitions on Spiffinmoore? (are they paying tuition?)
  • ..and much more spookiness for you to find!

If you’d prefer your campus remain dusted and its foliage green, there’s an option for you! Head to the settings menu and scroll down to find the Seasonal Content toggle to¬†control the seasons (didn’t realise you trained in Dark Arts?!).

We can’t wait for you to get stuck in, it wouldn’t be the same witch-out you experiencing it for yourselves! Update 2.0 is available now on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

Switch players we’re working to get this update to you as soon as possible, we’re just running some final tests.